Maldives: A Beautiful Island in South Asia
Feb 03rd, 2019

If you want to break your friends' group chat with pictures from the most amazing Location then take a trip to the Maldives.

The Maldives is an island in Asia located in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India. It is the small Asian nation by both size and population but it has become very famed for its tourism all over the world. Islam is becoming increasingly rampant in the Maldives but before this, a lot of Maldivians practised Buddhism and Paganism.

Male city 


Male is the capital and the most populous city in the Maldives . If you a lover of the scenes of narrow streets, many traders and shopaholics then this is the city for you. It is where most of the administrative complexes and traditionally the location of the King’s Island. It is home to the fish market and S.T.O trade Centre



Rangalifinolhu is one of the unoccupied islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll. A smaller adjoining island is linked by a 500-metre footbridge.  Conrad Maldives Resort & Spa is the leading hotel in this part of the country.


Top Things to do in Maldives




If you like Snorkeling then the Maldives is the right place for you. The reefs in the Maldives are so clean and fresh that you don’t need to go down into the water to see everything. Most Snorkeling activities have sea turtles which the country is really blessed with and they allow up to two hours underwater Snorkeling.


Scuba Diving


A great alternative to Snorkeling is Scuba Diving which is offered at Cinnamon Dhonveli one of the top facilities in the country. Maldives is one of the premier destinations for Scuba diving in the world and as such the level of the standard existing in the country can compare with anywhere in the world. Get close to the fishes, seahorses, crabs and turtles as you swim away.


Paddle Boarding


If you like to stay on the safe side, then you should try Paddle Boarding. It is such a fun activity and is extremely safe in the Maldives because most of the islands have shallow waters. Seeing the sea life going down below your paddle is a great sight to behold.


Baline Massage


Enough of aquatic activites! After a stressful flight or a long day of exploring you should definitely try out some Baline Massage to take away the pain and aches one rub at a time. This is a great activity for a couple or as a group.


Sunset Romantic Dinner


The Maldives is an island of love, so if you are with your special someone then this is the go-to place for you. With about $200 you can get a meal for two right on your table with a private waiter and a bottle of champagne.

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