March 3, 2017

We are so excited to have Stephanie of on the blog! We featured her as our nomad of the week here and we definitely had to have her back. On this post, she shares with us her travel essentials and tells us how to travel like a fashionista. We hope you enjoy the post and Vlog as much as we did.

Hi Guys,

…as you know, travel is a hobby of mine, albeit expensive and time-consuming, I tend to do so whoever I can afford it. I’ve teamed with @naijanomads to do this post and video below.

Essentials To Travel Like A Fashionista ft @Lanre_aluko powered by Naija Nomads

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For a girl/guy on the go like yourself (a metrogypsie soul) having all the essentials with her when traveling is key to having a good time; however, packing and planning can get so hideously boring and time-consuming that, at a point, you can’t help but wish to just give up and not even make the trip to that lux resort you’ve been planning for weeks (shhh, knock on wood!).



I have put this post together for everyone to enable you pack efficiently and most importantly, stylishly. The video above is a packing essentials for guys and girls. Then below, I would share Airport & Inflight Tips for Guys and a General one for the ladies.




Travel Tips on the flight guys

1. Accessorize (wrist watch):– It’s very practical.. telling time.. set it to the new time-zone.. taking it off for immigration isn’t that stressful.


2. No Tees:- Stick to Polo Shirts.. with buttons. No shorts.. wear pants 

3. Easy On n Off Shoes:- You can manage this by wearing a no-show socks. To get that stylish ankle-out look and also to keep your feel clean when passing through the immigration scan thing.

4. Good quality luggage:- this will last longer especially as it might not be handled with care during loading and  off-loading. A good luggage will give you more confidence at the airport.

5. Get to the airport early:- Make a phone call while waiting.. get a beer..use your laptop.. better than being late and rushing like a maniac.




 Packing Tips for girls

1. Skincare Bits Bag:– Don’t ever start packing without having your hygiene kit close by; wet wipes, dry shampoo, your toothbrush, makeup tonic – all 100ml or below if they’d be in your carry-on -swabs, Band-Aid set and dental floss are pretty much the things you need to have with you at all times. Oh, and let’s not forget a few pads/tampons, and a pack of condoms (you never know)!

I always just have panadol as it cures most of my pains. Also a set of earplugs like Lanre mentioned in the video and your sleep-mask are a must.


2. Makeup essentials:- Just the basics – powder, concealer (the mini packaging), blush, mascara and your lip gloss/favorite lipstick. Unless you are getting ready for a gala, you honestly don’t need anything but these items.


3. Clothes to enjoy:- This is my downfall as I almost always send my self to the extra luggage territory packing clothes. It’s also my fav part of the packing process. A tip is to pack around your footwear. Maybe 3 items per are heavy! Also 2 tops for every bottom.



4. Rely on essentials for statement:- Get lots of basics and a few statement pieces. Every fashion-conscious girl knows the key of her wardrobe and style is that one piece of accessory to sparkle it all up. Your carry-on too..such be gorgeous. Go with leather choices, it is always advisable to opt for classic types that will withstand time and still look expensive and incredibly elegant.


5. Gadgets for everything:- Powerbank, Camera, Powerbank, Universal Adapter, Powerbank, Chargers, Powerbank, Phones, Powerbank.. apparently there is something called a Global Sim..this should be good for international calls and texts if internet is a problem.


6. Passports and visas

Regardless of your citizenship, you’d be surprised how strict traveling policies are in plenty of the countries. To avoid any unpleasant situations, you want to make sure your passport is up to date and that your visas are in order. When applying for a visa, ensure that your passport has validity for a minimum of 90 days.

As a Nigerian passport holder, this is actually the 2nd part of your travel process, the first being destination. Except you are going to the following countries in this post , as a Nigerian passport holder, you’d need a visa.

I absolutely love that convertable neck pillow and I have to get myself one. I’ve learnt some nice tips which I will put to use on my next vacation.What are your top 5 travel essentials?  Mine are Cash, A camera, A universal adapter and my passport!

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