January 11, 2017


Hey Nomads!

Remember our discussion on how you can be an Ajala in 2017 by having a separate travel account, exploring your immediate environment, going to visa free/easy visa countries etc. Guess what? NAIJA NOMADS is here to help you kick-start your journey! The elves at CASA NOMADS have listened to your wishes, worked tirelessly and planned SIX outstanding trips for the year. This is a big deal for us as we usually organize about THREE trips per year. We have taken on an added responsibility and we are doing everything within our reach to make sure these trips are stellar! NAIJA NOMADS offers you trips like no other and we pride ourselves with finding creative ways for Nomads to enjoy an otherwise “cliché” place. For example, while a normal trip planner/tour operator will say “let’s go to the beach”, NAIJA NOMADS will say “let’s go paint by the beach”. Stealing a line from Craig David, we are “slicker than your average” trip planner.

We love the intimacy of small groups and our specially tailored NOMAD TRIPS cater to 20 Nomads per trip (maximum). We believe trips are best enjoyed with a handful of people, so if you are looking for a trip where you’ll be on first name basis with all participants, you have come to the right place! Make sure your 2017 is the year of overboard adventure and  fun by signing up for any or all of our trips below.

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1. THE COUPLES ADVENTURE: February, the month of love, is the almost here and we have put together something different for lovers AND friends! Forget your dinner for two at fancy restaurants, movie nights or private chef catering and come with us to the ancient city of Ibadan. There will be no climbing hills to view the brown roofs or eating Amala at Bukkas. We will be having a very fancy picnic courtesy Picnic by the Beach Lagos, spending the night at a 1,000 hectare private agricultural institute and going bush riding the next day.

  • WHERE? IITA, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria
  • WHEN? 11th -12th February, 2017
  • COST? N70,000(per couple)
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Accommodation and tour of IITA, all meals, snacks and drinks throughout the trip, transportation within Ibadan, picnic and bush riding fees
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Transportation to Ibadan

*We have partnered with Picnic by The Beach Lagos for this event.


2. CAMP NOMADS: We’re going camping now, we’re on our way! We have painted by the beach, we have made kites by the beach…. now its time to CAMP AT THE BEACH! “What beach has camping grounds?” “Are we going to put tents right by the ocean?” “What if we get washed away with our tents into sea?” We will be camping at Takwa bay beach with no tents but in cabins. Just have a look.




This is definitely the perfect “excuse” to finally tick camping with strangers AND sleepover at the beach off your bucket list. Talk about night life on the beach with friends and friendly strangers, try beginner surf lessons, watching the beautiful sunset, loving up on nature, and maybe see Ariel in live (haha! Kidding). LIVE. LAUGH. EAT. DRINK.BARBECUE. BONFIRE. YOGA and so much more, all day-night. Please note that this trip is ideal for free spirits and you will be sharing your rooms with 5 other nomads, “boarding house style”. This is definitely one of Lagos’ best kept secrets and the Nomads will be one of the first set of people to stay there! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

  • WHERE? Jaybee Beach House, Takwa Bay, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • WHEN? 25th-26th March, 2017
  • COST? N32,000
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Cabin accommodation, boat ride to takwa bay, all meals, snacks and drinks at the cabin, access to yoga class at the beach.  
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Surf lessons

*Beginner surf lessons will come at an added cost of N3,500. P.S you must know how to swim to sign up for this.

The couples adventure(2)
Photo credit: Ibukun Williams Photography

3. ROYALS FOR A NIGHT II: We have done this before and Part I was nothing short of EPIC! Be rest assured that Part II will be EPIC-er! This is the Easter getaway you have always dreamed of. One night of Kingship/Queenship in the castle. Not Snow White and Prince Charming; It’s happily ever all-the-way! A little about Kajuru Castle: constructed in the 70s by a German expatriate who lived in Kaduna then, the architectural style is European (clearly German), with a baronial hall complete with suits of armor. It’s definitely a breathtaking architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful places in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our trip begins with a train ride from Abuja-Kaduna, then a road-trip to the castle. Those who have visited will tell you that simply admiring the captivating, magnificent beauty and taking lots of pictures of will take all your time *yes we had to use all the grammar*. You’ll be marveled! Actually, you will be. There’s gonna be lots of fun, games, grills, swimming, BBQ party, making friends, (finding bae maybe), hiking, and so much more! We might even stop over at the Matsirga waterfalls. This trip comes HIGHLY recommended and everyone should visit this place. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  • WHERE? Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • WHEN? 15th – 16th April, 2017
  • COST? N60,000
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Castle accommodation, all meals, snacks and drinks throughout the trip, road transportation in Kaduna, return train ride from Abuja.
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Transportation to Abuja

*Participants should be in Abuja at least one day to the trip. Kindly contact us for a separate rate if already in Kaduna. 

The couples adventure(1)

4. REMARKABLE RWANDA: Did you know that the United Nations rates Kigali is Africa’s most beautiful city and the third greenest destination according to World Travel Guide. Poison Ivy will feel right at home here. Rwanda is the perfect destination for cultural immersion, history and adventure.  From the amazing wildlife , the must-do gorilla tracking, the world-famous Lake Kivu and Congo Nile trail, not leaving out the priceless Kigali Genocide Memorial. This African beauty definitely deserves her self-proclaimed tagline REMARKABLE RWANDA. Join us for a REMARKABLE five days of your life in Africa.

  • WHERE? Kigali, Rwanda
  • WHEN? 22nd – 26th June, 2017
  • COST? $900
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Visas, Flights, Accommodation, breakfast throughout the trip, dinner on the last night in Kigali, city tour, trip to Lake Kivu and tour guide fees.
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Gorilla tracking, lunch and dinner

*We will accept three installment payments for this trip. This price is only available till the end of 31st March,2017. If you would like to track Gorillas in the wild, please budget an extra $700-$800 per day. Participants joining us from outside Nigeria should please send an email to

The couples adventure
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5. ADIRE MAKING @ EPE MANGROVES: Move over Adekunle Gold, the Nomads are taking over the Adire scene! From making your very own Adire to canoe rides across the mangroves, if you have never been on a Naija Nomad trip before, we recommend you to sign up for this one. In typical Nomad style, we are going on an arty-creative-memory making adventure!. Do not worry, your creativity or lack of will not be judged. Yes! There will be an instructor/teacher and every nomad will be a learner!  It’s a 4-stage fun day!: You get a white Tee. You pay attention to your instructor. You in-turn make your own Adire design/pattern. Hopefully you are proud of your design and you get to rock your tee or hang it on your personal wall-of-fame because, legitimate nomadic achievement. We can’t wait to see all your gorgeous designs.

  • WHERE? Epe, Lagos State Nigeria
  • WHEN? 2nd September, 2017
  • COST? N23,000
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED?Transportation to the mangroves, all meals, snacks and drinks, white tee (100% cotton), Adire instructors fees.
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Canoeing fees
MORE STORIES:  Dear Nigerians, Learn these five Lessons from Rwanda

*We have partnered with Alejo Aladire for this event. It is a family friendly trip and if you like to come with your kids please let us know. Fees to Canoe across the mangroves is N3,500

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6. ABRAKA-DABRA!:Ever caught a glimpse of the Abraka Turf in Delta state? Abraka Turf is nature beautifully revealed! Green in every space!- the first thing you’ll notice on stepping into the turf is the overwhelming hue of beautiful, calm, rich green. 100% Eco-friendly (so you’ll be inhaling the best kind of oxygen. LoL), enjoying the hot (non-scorching sun). The cool blue pool. The clear emerald-green river (I mean you can actually see the river bed from the bank!) Oh for the Love of amazing-nature; Abraka-dabra means bliss!! It’s got a Mangrove forest and there’s a connect to the popular River Ethiope of life! Lol! This means you can fish, deep river dive, and go on a Savannah adventure. Along side other fun activities such as horse back riding, fishing, canoeing and a cooking contest, we will also explore the source of River Ethiope which is said to have magical powers so be ready to close your eyes and make a wish…..

  • WHERE? Abraka Turf and Country Club, Abraka Delta State Nigeria
  • WHEN? 27th -30th December, 2017
  • COST? N65,000
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED?Accommodation (shared), breakfast throughout the trip, dinner on the last night, transportation within delta state, tours, cooking contest.
  • WHAT’S EXCLUDED? Transportation to Delta State, other meals i.e lunch and dinner

Did we spark your interest? If yes please make payment to the account below using the trip title as reference i.e Abrakadabra, Camp Nomads e.t.c. When you have made payment, please let us know by mailing a screenshot of your payment. For sponsorship & enquiries, please contact us on


  • Name: The Traveling Nomad
  • Bank: Diamond Bank
  • Account Number: 0074142070


  • We will send a detailed mail on exact take off point, things to pack and what to expect to participating nomads one week before every trip.
  • A 30% deposit secures your space on any of our trips. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • For full payments, please read through our tour refund and cancellation policy document before you pay.

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