May 11, 2016


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So remember we went to Inagbe Resorts and Leisure for a day (holy Saturday to be exact) ? I remember almost canceling this trip because a lot of people had heard horrible stories about the resort. Thankfully we didn’t! My fellow travel blogger / sister / friend, Unravelling Nigeria, was also on this trip and she wrote a piece for us. Unravelling Nigeria is a travel blog focused on showcasing sights within our beautiful country. unravellingnigeria.com the one stop site for everything related to tourism in Nigeria. Kindly read and enjoy her experience! P.S she was not paid for this review, lol!  Instagram/Twitter: @unravellingnigeria

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When Naija Nomads told me about her Easter Daycation tagged ‘painting by the beach’, I knew I had to go. I mean I know firsthand she’s a great planner and who can pass up the opportunity to visit Inagbe beach Resort and paint. Bright and early at 11.00am, we all assembled at BICS gardens jetty in Lekki. She welcomed us with gift bags which included champagne flutes, and Easter egg filled with goodies, popcorn and Naija Nomads buttons.

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The boat we took was fantastic and could easily be the venue of a boat party. We all chatted away, took selfies and listened to the music. It was such a nice ride and I don’t remember if there were any ‘water bumps’. When we approached Inagbe, I remember holding my breath as I could see how easily a wedding could be held there.I had already mapped out the aisle, dance floor and much more. When we got to the beach, we all sat down, introduced ourselves and played a fun game where you asked a random person any question you picked out from a bowl. It was a great way to break the ice as everyone also tried to remember the names of those they were asking the questions. We settled down, looked round then it was time to start our painting. I was on camera duty and this worked great for me as I could watch everyone channel their inner artistic side or lack thereof. The event was in collaboration with, Cocktails and Crafts, who organized the social painting aspect, and they did a great job encouraging people. At the end of the day, even those who started horribly ended up having masterpieces. Trust me, some people still couldn’t be “saved”.

Yup! This is Lagos
Yup! This is Lagos :)

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We got served lunch right after our painting session. The jollof rice, chicken and salad was very yummy and this gave us the energy we would need for the next part of the daycation which was at the beach front. An interesting thing to note about Inagbe is that they have their own currency so you can’t spend Naira there. Guess who is on the face of the Inagbe currency? The love of my life, the Ooni of Ife. Yes I know he has a Yeye (wife) but a girl can dream.

My boo :)

We began the ‘trek’ to the beach and in between, we got lazy and hitched rides with the guys who were riding the quad bikes. The view was spectacular. There were seats for us to lay our tired backs on and it also had an amazing swimming pool which was the venue of the most epic statements I have ever heard. (sorry can’t tell you. Next time come for our daycation).We played ‘heads up’ and while my team didn’t win, I can confidently say I got the most questions. I was and I’m a champ. Heads up was fun and mentally tasking. You won’t believe how hard it is to describe simple words to people. Just goes to show everything isn’t as simple as it seems.After heads up we headed to the swimming pool. Some of us wanted to show off our swim suits and the rest just wanted to dip their toes in. We played concentration and it was hilarious. Pretty sure some people need to re learn their states and capitals. Right after that, we had an egg and spoon race where you try to get from one end to another with a plastic egg balanced on a spoon! The aim is to avoid the egg from falling and once your egg falls you are out. This was so hilarious and it took us back to primary school days. The trick is definitely to walk slowly till you get to the finish line. Do not ask who won the race, lol.

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Our view for a couple of hours…bliss!



Everyone should download this game on their phones!
Toes in.
Ready to race :)


Unfortunately the day was winding to an end and we all had to go back *sad face* It was a fun day though and the fun didn’t end at the beach. On the boat ride back, we popped champagne and when we docked at the jetty, Naija Nomads had a little feast waiting for us. We had chicken, sausages, small chops, oreo milkshake and more booze. Talk about making sure people got their money’s worth. It was definitely worth N18,000 and a great way to spend the Easter holiday.

A toast to the good life.

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Inagbe was also a fantastic choice. Its scenery is unmatched and it has a lot of potential. It has horses, a section for children, chalets, quad bikes etc. Unfortunately when we went, they were renovating chalets so we couldn’t have a look.The manager also informed us that they were doing a lot to improve and fill up the space. I for one can’t wait to see the result because if it looks like this now, I can only imagine what the future holds.

Thank you Naija Nomads for organizing a fun day out and if you weren’t at this one you should definitely be at the next one. And just incase you were wondering, the Ooni’s face is on their currency because he is ‘associated’ with the place. (sorry I can’t say more than that, except Naija nomads accepts to be my lawyer).


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