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  • It was an awesome experience nomading with beautiful people in Ondo last weekend. The itinerary was top-notch. Naijanomads sure knows her craft 100% from the organization to the excellent customer service and security...and the food, oh no how can I forget.. Will I be nomading again with Naija Nomads?....oh most definitely cos I'm sold.
    Amuche (@am_uche)
  • This past weekend, I had the opportunity of nomading to Ondo state with Naijanomads. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. The nomad family were so warm, bubbly and friendly.They made sure everyone was well taken care of. The tour was also well planned and I had the best time.
    Vivian (@strictlybyiv)
  • When I think of Lagos, the first thing that comes to my mind is the hustle and bustle, and the energy. On the flip side, I also think of the entrepreneurial burst, the diversity of cuisine, family and friends. At the very back burner of my mind is tourism. The perception certainly changed when Naija Nomads hosted me and two of my colleagues from Seattle, Washington, for a wooden boat ride in Epe mangroves. Prior to this, I had never been to Epe Mangroves and never knew it existed. Its a small community about 20 miles south of Lekki Peninsula. We went on a wooden boat ride in this pristine swamp. It was a wonderful experience-the quiet, the chirping birds and the closeness to nature made it all the more memorable. We sailed for about 20 minutes and learned about the history and good people of Epe. My colleagues loved it as much as I did. This is the part of Lagos I think everyone should take out tune to see and I’m very grateful Naija Nomads unveiled this unspoken treasure”. –
    Dr. Kinsley
    Clinical assistant professor of Global health
    University of Washington

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