March 15, 2017


We have said this time and time again, travel bloggers are always the most exciting to feature. Funmi Oyatogun is the founder of TVP Adventures, a travel company which helps people travel better by providing affordable and otherwise unreachable travel experiences to individuals, couples, families, corporate bodies and groups. When she’s not traveling, she loves to read, spend time with loved ones, explore good food and work with teenagers at her church.  Instagram/Twitter: @tvpadventures . Follow her journey and trips on

When you embark on a holiday, what determines your destination of choice?

Every place is a worthy destination to me. So, I will go anywhere. But when putting together trips for people, the destination is determined by the kinds of activities the clients are interested in. Some places are more expensive than others; some are more outdoorsy than others. Some destinations have natural wonders and others have man-made wonders. We tailor holiday packages to suit the clients’ needs.

What is the one thing you cannot do without when you travel?

Hmm. I cannot do without some form of money.

Most memorable thing you have done during a holiday.

I’ve got to choose only one? Last month in Zanzibar, my friends and I grabbed our blankets, and slept on the jetty lounge beds of our resort, right beside the Indian Ocean and under the stars. I slept so peacefully with the rhythm of the ocean softly in the background. I woke up only when the tide came crashing in at about 4am. This was one of my most beautiful and peaceful experiences while traveling.




Every avid traveller has a travel bucket list. What’s on yours?

Ah. This list is long but I will summarize. I want to see all the countries of the world and I am about a tenth of the way there. I also want to pick my own food in the wild for a week, travel for a season with a real nomad community, help translate the Bible to a new language, sky-dive, ride wild desert horses in Namibia, sing in a live band on a resort for a night, etc. I have so many things I would love to do around the world and I pray for the opportunity to do them all.


Hotels or Hostels?

Hotels over hostels. But Airbnb over hotels.

Solo Travel or Group?

Solo travel sometimes, group travel sometimes.

TVP preaches “travel doesn’t have to be expensive”. Giving the current economy, what affordable destination(s) would you advise a first time Nigerian traveler to explore and why?

Badagry (Lagos), Zanzibar, Kenya and Benin Republic. They are all beautiful places and you don’t have to break the bank to visit.

Badag4 - Copy

What will you say has been your most difficult trip so far? To plan or execute.

I have not faced exceeding difficulty yet in planning a trip but once on a personal trip, I got stranded outside the country because my Naira cards had been temporarily restricted with no notice from the banks.

Foodcations are fast becoming a thing and we know you are big on them! Tell us one dish you tried that hit the spot.

I had the freshest array of sushi rolls and nigiri in Japan. The detail with which the meal was laid out as well as the delicious fresh taste of the fish hit the spot.



What is your favorite travel quote?

I like this quote: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

I would love to wake up in ______?



Anything else you would like to add?

Travel with an open mind and an open heart. The people and places you will find along the way will usually blow your mind.


Thank you so much Funmi. We would love to wake up in Cuba too!

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    Nice interview, Funmi 🙂

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      Naija Nomads

      Indeed it was. You can feel the passion

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    Unravelling Nigeria

    Funmi is my spirit sister with that bucket list. Especially the sing in a live band part.

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      Naija Nomads

      Lol! I want to be on a game show.

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    Berry Dakara

    I wanna travel tooooooooooooooooooooo 🙁

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      LMAO! of course you do!

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    Andy Onalaja

    I rode from London to Lagos by Okada a few years ago, will do it again soon, anybody up for that ?

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      Naija Nomads

      Hi Andy! You are such an inspiration. We just read your story and all we can say is WOW! Well done and more grease. We will put the word out there to see if anyone is interested in doing this with you again.

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