January 4, 2017



We have featured Chiny.O as a guest nomad here and we knew we definitely had to have her back as a nomad of the week. Since her last feature, she has seen more countries and gone on more adventures such as seeing the northern lights, sky diving in Vegas, parasailing in Antalya, partied in a cave in Trinidad….etc. We hope you enjoy her interview as much as we did. Instagram: @sk8rgal

When you embark on a holiday, what determines your destination of choice?

A lot of things –  culture, adventure, history, people, interest, visa requirement(Even though I am very dogged I will try even if you want part of my toe, I will try…lol), then sometimes impromptu trips and my friend/travel buddy Ugo.

2016-12-02-PHOTO-00000300What is the one thing you cannot do without when you travel?

Its definitely between a good book and my Silk Scarf.

Most memorable thing you have done during a holiday?

This is hard, I just got back from spending the night in the SAHARA DESERT, then there is Sky diving in Vegas , visiting the Bay of Pigs in Cuba or probably viewing the aurora borealis while flying out of Svalbard and experiencing polar nights. It’s so darn hard to pick the most memorable. Maybe I’d  pick Sky diving, because I naturally like control and that particular experience gave me no control.

2016-12-02-PHOTO-00000260 2016-12-02-PHOTO-00000310 2016-12-02-PHOTO-00000224

2016-12-02-PHOTO-00000274Every avid traveler has a travel bucket list. What’s on yours?

I wont call mine a bucket list, its more like a places of interest. I would love to visit Jordan, Iran, Japan, Cambodia, Rwanda (Need to see the war museum and listen to locals tell me the story) the Mayan Trail, The Overland African countries, Thailand, Bosnia and Hertz(Likely ushering the new year here), British Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Lebanon, Israel, Singapore, Fiji, The Caribbean ,Indonesia, my list is endless and there are countries I keep going back to; Italy(I still have so much to do and see there). Then there’s a part of me that wants to move to central America and just live a minimalist life.


What is your favorite travel quote?

I like a lot of them. “To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world”- Freya Stark

Where is that ONE place you have to see in your lifetime?

Antarctica (The southernmost continent), its only proper considering I have been to the Northernmost.


Anything else you’ll like to add?

I am always flattered when Nigerians make travel seem like a luxury, or the endless big babe” and etc I get called for traveling “too much”. I laugh because no one understands that I give up the Gucci for Primark so I can do these trips.

I also don’t take it for granted that I am able to experience and be renewed. Travel changes you, it makes you more open to a lot of things around us. And seriously why would anyone wanna stay in one place before they check out of planet earth.

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    Unravelling Nigeria

    Chinnnny!!!! I want to go to Iran too. Kinda wish it was still called Persia for some odd reason.

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