Epe Mangroves: A Hidden Gem in Lagos
Nov 06th, 2018

Nature adventurers are never tired of exploring places to see, feel and fall in love with nature. There are so many places across the state/country where nature adventurers can visit to feed their minds. One of those places is Epe Mangroves. Epe Mangroves is one of the hidden gems in Lagos state that best fit lovers of nature. So far, a lot of people do not seem to know or hear about this place unlike other popular tourist attraction centres around.

Recently, we took some of our clients to Epe Mangroves and they all loved the place. We have been to Epe Mangroves a couple of times and we thought taking them there would be a wonderful experience they’d love and yes! they loved it. Our tour guide, Mr Mufu was happy to receive us and take us around on canoes while he was telling us about himself and the Epe mangroves generally.


Located in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos state, Ibeju Town is a small town which homes the Epe Mangroves, a creek that starts at Ibeju Lekki and extends all the way to the main town of Epe.

According to Mr Mufu, the mangroves is home to different water creatures; fish, crocs, alligators and the likes. But we were not able to see any of them (they were probably scared of us…lol!).

You may think the water at the mangroves does not look clean but it is actually fit for drinking. Mr Mufu proved that to us by taking a drink.  He made us understand that some German scientists have tested the water and they confirmed that it is okay to drink.

After the first ride to the dry land which took about 25 minutes, we took a short walk around the village, visited a woman processing cassava into cassava flakes, popularly known as garri, relaxed a bit before taking the canoe ride back to where we started our journey.


The best time of the day to visit Epe mangroves is in the morning, before the scorching sun comes out. You will really enjoy your canoe ride across the mangroves when the weather is still very cool. However, it is important you call the guide before you visit so he is aware of your arrival.

Our adventure at the Mangroves lasted for about an hour and half (the time we spent there was really short time but we still enjoyed every second of it). You can check more stories of our last trip to Epe Mangroves here.


When going to Epe Mangroves, always wear comfortable footwear, preferably sandals, so water does not creep into your shoes. Also, do not forget to take your camera. The mangroves is a really beautiful place to see and you’d want to take a lot of photos.

Are you planning to take your first trip to Epe anytime soon? If yes, you can book for your trip here. Adire making class is also available on request.

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