April 16, 2015




I recently visited Nairobi during the Easter holiday with my family for 4 nights. Prior to our trip, I had asked a friend who had been to Kenya for information on various activities we could do besides the obvious safari trip. I was extremely shocked to find out he did not even go to the safari. Who in the world goes to Kenya without going to the Safari?? That’s basically the only thing to do there (so I thought). I probed further and found out in typical Nigerian style, he did basically nothing. His cycle was sleep-shop-eat-sleep. I was pretty stoked about the trip and decided to do my own “little” research on things to do in Nairobi. I discovered so many interesting things and was tempted to prolong my stay 🙁 .

1. VISAS: For Nigerian Citizens travelling to Kenya, you are required to obtain a visa on arrival at the Kenyan Airport for the price of $50. P.S do not forget your yellow fever card! It’s extremely important for entry.

2. FLIGHTS: There are direct flights to Nairobi via Kenya Airways from both the Lagos and Abuja international airports. Please note that there are no daily flights to Kenya. Please click link  for their flight schedules. Ticket price ranges between $700-$800. 

3. HOTELS: You are spoilt for choice with regards accommodation in Nairobi. There are so many options with affordable prices. We stayed at The Sankara hotel  and it was beautiful. Friendly staff, good food and a generally nice environment. For more options with regards accommodation kindly  click here….here….here….and here. To make a more informed decision on the hotel choices, kindly visit here for customer reviews and further information. The total cost for a 4 (four) night stay in Sankara came up to N157,239. (double room + complementary breakfast).

4. ACTIVITIES: So much to do…so little time. I think I will let the pictures do the talking this time.

  • Uhuru National Park: Uhuru (meaning freedom) is the largest memorial park in Kenya and our guide explained that due to its capacity, most political rallies are held here. This is where the first Kenyan flag was raised to mark their independence. IMG_0028
  • IMG_0084KICC Centre : birds eye view of Nairobi while we wait on our heli to pick us up  :). Take a look at those lovers on the left, lol.






  • Bow Sports Archery: Working those arms!!!!


  • Marula Studios (Flip Flop Factory): Creativity at its peak! Everything you see is made of recycled flip flops.

flip flop factory


  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Home for orphaned elephants. Adopt an elephant for $50 per year.


  • Giraffe Center: Don’t bite my arms!



  • Nairobi National Park : it doesn’t get any better than this! Bucket list *check* 🙂


for blog

  • Nairobi Animal Orphanage: Oh look! its Uncle Scar and Mufasa


All these places (except Marula Studios and Uhuru national park) require a fee. Total budget for activities: $300

5. FEEDING: There are so many places to eat both local and continental cuisine in Nairobi and food is generally affordable. You will get a good meal for N1,500 – N2,000. The average price for cocktails in Nairobi is about N1,000-N1,200. Carnivore restaurant is definitely TOP on my list! Everyone that visits Nairobi should MUST go there. It is an all you can eat meat buffet with exotic meat like crocodile, rabbit and ostrich. They were all so yummy save the crocodile meat! That tasted like extra extra chewy fishy chicken (if that makes sense), I did not exactly like it! The Rabbit meat, turkey and lamb were my absolute favs on the menu.  I also tried one of their local dishes called Ugali.

photo 1

I loved every bit of my stay and would definitely recommend Kenya for anyone looking to explore Africa.  Asante Sana Rafiki’s (meaning thank you friends) for reading. :).

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page” – St Augustine 

By Nomad Supreme

Welcome to the go-to spot for adventure seeking Nigerians 👣👣👣! 👻: @naijanomads 💌: travel@naijanomads.com


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    Yup sounds like the Kenya I visited. Nice.

    Ps not every Nigerian does the eat sleep shop eat routine jor

    1. Reply


      I agree, but most Nigerians do. thank you for reading. 😁

  2. Reply

    Mr G

    Great post. Will be back for the next one. But with the terrorism threat, how safe is Kenya? Thank you.

    1. Reply


      Thank you! It was pretty okay. Nairobi was quite far from the garrisa attack. However, the indigenes were not exactly in high spirits and they constantly spoke about it.

  3. Reply


    I love this blog! Great great job! Sure, Kenya is a beautiful place to visit. I am guilty of that eat-sleep routine tho. Errr but that crocodile meat? No. I’ll pass.

    P.S I love the pictures.

    1. Reply


      Lmaoo! I agree pass on the croc meat please!! It was just so somehow. Thank you love ❤️

      1. Reply

        Petro Jenkins

        Shocking that Nigerians who are famously into eating pepper soup of just about any animal and even snakes are turned off by croc meat.That just doesn’t add up.

        1. Reply


          lmao! the irony!

  4. Reply

    'Jumoke Falomo

    Thanks for sharing and wetting my appetite, Cousin. Nairobi has always been a priority on my bucket list of places to visit in Africa (it will no longer be a stop over) #wink…

    1. Reply


      Thank you for reading cousin! There were a host of other things we couldn’t do eg hiking at ngong hills. PS make sure you visit the Maasai Mara national reserve, I hear it’s way better than the nairobi national park.

  5. Reply

    Elanire Olayi

    Lovely piece and Very articulate I’ll say……I’ve always know Uve a calling for stuff like this…keep it up…

  6. Reply


    Cool stuff and wowza!!! It’s refreshing to know you can have an inexpensive holiday and still have lotsa fun.

  7. Reply


    wonderful pictures. eye-opening and easy to follow. no pictures of gazelles crossing the streets? haha

    1. Reply


      lol! thank you. We actually saw warthogs and baboons crossing the streets but sadly no pictures

  8. Reply


    Great post! Seems like a pretty affordable trip as well. Is there a trendy nightlife there? Or it’s really a more family oriented destination?


    1. Reply


      I believe there is. We saw loads of people getting ready to hit the streets on Friday and Saturday. Wasn’t keen on that so I didn’t bother asking.

  9. Reply


    Edutaining piece, Kenya has always been on my list; I was thinking of doing Gambia soon, but I guess you just sold me on Kenya. Thanks.

  10. Reply

    Shante George

    I love the idea of your blog! Its like trip advisor but the fact the review is from someone who understands how we Nigerians that like fun would want to roll. I’ve definitely added Kenya to my bucket list of African countries to visit.

  11. Reply


    Kenya! Breathtakingly Beautiful 😊

  12. Reply


    Warthogs! *Adds to places to go*

  13. Reply


    Nice!! You just ticked one of my to do List.✅✔️💯
    Why didn’t you take a selfie📷 with the Lion. It would have been awesome #Ace

  14. Reply


    You got me at the cheap price of cocktails! Every other delight (and there seem to be many delights in Kenya) is a plus. Where is your next stop? I have invited myself already.

  15. Reply

    Ms. B

    Excellent work!! I love the links in the write up…Somebody help me with a review of The Gambia or Mauritius. I want to go to these places…

    1. Reply


      thanks hun! The Gambia will be in one of our posts for next month.

  16. Reply


    You just rendered my earlier visit null and void, now ive got to go again… I, however won’t pass on any culinary experience… The fleshy-chickeny croc is refreshingly different (I had some in Makurdi, Benue with pounded yam and egusi…bliss).

    Now adding this blog to my favorite.

  17. Reply


    Emm and teni looks absolutely fabulous… Doctor, are you growing younger?

  18. Reply

    Godwin Ogechukwu

    Very interesting read. And more importantly very interesting pictures. Who knew Kenya was so much fun. Nice to know fun is close by and we don’t gotta travel so far off.

  19. Reply


    Very nice piece on Seychelles. Beautiful place. A girl has to start planning to visit there. I definitely would like to do the snorkeling. Why_J your write up is fun to read. Waiting for the piece for Marrakech.

  20. Reply


    Great piece! Right amount of length and detail. The ball park pricing definitely helps us travellers know how much to budget. Thanks for the beautiful pictures too. I have never been to Kenya so I am very Jealous. I hope to visit one day and I look forward to your next blog 🙂

    P. S: I already have some brand extension ideas for you. You can start a naija nomands you tube channel. I so want to see you get in to talk show TV 🙂

  21. Reply


    Yaaaay, finally read the post, i need to go to Seychelles and Nairobi! i am happy to say i am not the sleep shop eat type of naija tourist. the only thing i do is try to buy souvenirs from any country i visit so that when i’m back home i look at it and remember the fabulous holiday, oh and take tons of pictures too

  22. Reply


    Nice!!! but was wondering why you didn’t feed the lions too

  23. Reply


    My loved ones cant even believe I have never visited a proper Safari. Blame it on “Group Traveling”. Most times they arent phased about animals, they wont mind somewhere they can get their kind of fun and animals (for me). So might be doing this solo, or find likeminded people. Its a must….look at those elephants….my heart😍😍😍

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