April 13, 2017

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Do you follow those luxury instagram accounts (houses, watches, yatchs or cars) and flip through their pages for hours unending….writing and rewritting wish lists? We found a luxury watch account that combines luxury watches and travel. Whats more exciting? The account owner is Nigerian, lives in Nigeria and jet sets with a Nigerian passport. How cool is that? After months of stalking, he shared with us some tips and advise on traveling with luxury watches, the most difficult visa he’s obtained and the ideal watch to wear on various occasions. Instagram: @d33oh

We are huge fans of your page and we love the mystery behind it. So if you don’t mind, tell us a little about yourself (well what you are comfortable with sharing).

Thank you very much. My name is a D.O. and I’m a watch nerd. I’m a nerd full stop but yeah, watches are my weakness. The mystery? No judgement but too many people exposing themselves online these days. It is not and hasn’t ever been my thing but like they say, to each their own. Also, my page is about the watches and where they go, not the guy that owns them, I don’t need or want attention on me personally.

“I’ve been asked if I wear my watches in Lagos and was advised not to wear a Rolex in Brazil, I do and I did. Maybe it does draw attention but I think people exaggerate things also”.

IWC Aquatimer at the leaning tower of Pisa
You are clearly obsessed with luxury watches and your watches have traveled across the globe. How many watches do you currently have and which of them has visited the most countries?

There’s this old Yoruba adage about not counting your children, so if I told you I’d have to kill you. I rotate my watches when traveling but so it’s mostly dictated by mood but also by purpose: If I am going for a business meeting I always take a formal understated watch but I usually also have one or two other watches for the weekends or evenings which are not understated, at all, not diamonds or anything but they usually have presence


How many watches do you take with you on a trip (on the average) and what determines your choices? How do you care for your watch/pack them up when travelling to avoid scratches or breakages?

I usually take 3-4 if I’m going a week or more; one on the wrist and three in my watch roll. The purpose of the trip usually determines my choice. I wouldn’t take a dress watch on holiday. I usually travel with a watch roll which helps protect the watches when travelling.

“I know some people who time their runs with a Rolex and I’ve seen a guy at the gym with a full gold Rolex which I thought was ridiculous”.



Different watches serve different purposes and we would like you to school us on the ideal watch to wear on the beach, when going mountain climbing/hiking or on a night out and about town.

I fully agree. For the beach, I usually take a sports/dive watch, in my case my go to for the beach is my IWC Aquatimer 2000 or my Patek Philippe Nautilus. The IWC has a rubber strap and even though I don’t dive, it’s cool to know its rated to 2000 meters underwater. The Patek is a Steel watch that can easily move from the beach to partying later. Night out usually sees me with a gold watch, I love rose gold, more likely than not it’ll be a full rose gold AudemarsPiguet Royal Oak or a rose gold Richard Mille.

It’s not all about expensive watches though, I run often and use a Garmin Forerunner 15 although I know some people who time their runs with a Rolex and I’ve seen a guy at the gym with a full gold Rolex which I thought was ridiculous.

Garmin in Benin.
With your Nigerian passport, you are constantly jet setting, which is amazing. What’s the most difficult visa you’ve had to obtain?

Nigerian Passport; the bane of all would be frequent travellers. We need a VISA for EVERYwhere. Difficult Visa? Thailand. The process of getting the requirements for a Thai visa for a Nigerian living in Nigeria is strenuous: Police Report, NDLEA (Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency); documents must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc, etc, it takes some doing but when you get everything, the process at the Thai embassy is straightforward and having been there, it was well worth it.


Have you had to trade in your watch for anything?

Every now and again I do a collection audit like a wardrobe audit so if I’m not feeling a watch anymore and/or haven’t worn it in years, I’ll sell it and put the money towards another watch.

Ever lost one of your watches on your trips? The horror! Tell us what happened.

Luckily this hasn’t happened.

“Nice Watch!” We are sure you get that a lot. Watches can be great conversation starters, what’s the weirdest conversation you’ve had because of your nice time pieces?

Him: Is that an Audemars Piguet?

Me: Yes.

Him: Is it real?

Me: (Puzzled Look) Yes, why?

Him: Well, you’re wearing a watch that costs $xx,000 and you’re flying in economy.

True story and still hilarious to me to this day but I’ve met good people and made friends from this hobby of mine all over the world so that’s very nice.


According to, The Classic Sporty GMT: Rolex GMT-Master II and Girard-Perregaux Traveller WW.TC have been listed as some of the best travel watches. Do you agree with this?

I get on at least 2-4 international flights a month but I don’t see the need for a travel watch, for me, it’s not a requirement. If I had to choose though? The Rolex mentioned is one of the best out there along with the Patek Phillippe world timer.

If you had to pick one watch to travel with from your collection which would it be and why?

Arrghhh….so hard. I honestly couldn’t do that. The answer would change every week. But if I HAD to, it would be one of the following:

  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Ginza Edition (It’s all black made of Forged Carbon, Ceramic with a rubber strap. Very subtle so can wear to meetings but also rocks at night or weekends.
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Open Work.
  3. Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The last 2 are all steel luxury watches that are relatively subtle but have presence. Basically, if I had to choose one I need one that could work in a professional or social setting.

A.P at the Bay
Philippe taking it all in at the Isle of Capri
What do you say to those who say you shouldn’t travel with expensive jewellery as it draws unnecessary attention?

I don’t agree. I’ve been asked if I wear my watches in Lagos and was advised not to wear a Rolex in Brazil, I do and I did. Maybe it does draw attention but I think people exaggerate things also. There was a joke amongst watch nerds a few years back: Is it safe to wear a Rolex on the New York subway?

Tips or advise for people traveling with luxury time pieces?

A watch not only tells time but the time WHERE you are, so it should be part of the story of your life be it work or play. If you travel with more than one don’t pack it with check-in luggage and pop the extras in the safe as soon as you get to the hotel. Avoid the overly flashy watch on the beach or going about town but do not be afriad either, maybe a potential robber will think its fake, especially if you dress like me 🙂




Thank you so much Mr.D.O for obliging us with our questions. The wearing an Audemars Piguet and flying economy statement definitely got us cracking! We’ve read many stories on how people are treated better/worse because of their watch. Do you judge people by the watch they wear? People have various splurges which we don’t think they should be judged for. We’ve seen ladies carry Hermes, LV and Chanel bag in the economy cabin and thats okay. We’ve also seen people in first class/business class cabins with regular bags or watches and thats okay too. What do you splurge on Nomads? Please leave a comment and let us know.



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