October 26, 2017


It all started with an Instagram post.

That morning, I wanted to put up a travel photo of ,Alexandriah Sho-Silva, a fashion and style blogger based in England. She was in front of the Duomo Di Milano (Milan Cathedral). My caption would have been something like “oh so gorgeous” or “perfectly posed at the duomo di Milano”. But I looked again and put out how I really felt about the photo. I respect fashion and style bloggers a lot. Posing is work! You’ll have to take so many photos to get the “right” pose AND filter through those photos to pick the one perfect for your feed. Phew!

After putting out the caption for the photo, I realized that most people were like me! They had an archive of fashion blogger’s photos which they whip out during their vacation. “We need classes” was the most commented phrase under that photo. I guess we all want to look like fashion bloggers in our travel photos!

I reached out to Toyosi of style by Toyoc and graciously she agreed to give the Nomads a Style 101 class. She’s taking your vacation poses from 0 to 100 with these 7 awesome tips! I used these tips on some of my poses while in Turkey and they came out excellent!

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From Toyosi…

It is such an amazing opportunity to share with the nomad community ” how to get kick ass poses like a fashion blogger”. I know the struggle is real to get these poses but I’m going to share tips that will make it look natural and flawless. I can tell you I have been blogging for a year+ and I take hundreds of pictures only to select a couple that lands on Instagram and my blog, I think every blogger can attest to that, LOL.  These tips are easy to follow and will help you look and feel confident in your photos. Let’s get into it!

Tip 1: Using Background Props

I love to explore when I travel and even while I’m in Lagos. Using props is a key step in getting kick ass pictures. I personally feel that using props should even tell a story about your personality and style. I love eating out so typically, a restaurant will be a definite prop for me.  Street photography is inevitable for a fashion blogger, so make sure you use not just the streets as a backdrop for your outfit but abuse the backdrop props, it will make your outfit post so much interesting. If you are one to play with colors, look for locations that enable you do so and even create a beautiful contrast with your look.

Posing like a fashion blogger
Orange is such a fantastic color! Photo credit @cvrrielee
posing like a fashion blogger
Love how her entire ensemble blends perfectly with the door. Credit @earthtomaura

Tip 2: Teapot Pose

It is also known as the “skinny arm” pose or the hand on the hip pose. The great thing about this pose is that it does make your arms look slimmer. We have seen this pose frequently on the red carpet and even the “go-to” pose for many women.

Everyone does this pose!!! credit @aobyyc


Tip 3: Casual Chillin’ Pose

As the name describes, you are sitting, waiting and wishing. I usually do this when I feel lazy, so if you are like me, just sit down look pretty, cross your legs and trust that the picture will look great (maybe after couple of shots).


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Tip 4: Walk Pose

Did you know that most times you don’t have to take full strides to get a walking pose? What you do is take one natural step forward, plant your feet and rock forward and backwards. While doing the rocking motion you want to appear as though you’re walking, so make sure you swing your arms and stay open towards the camera. You can be like me, walk in a straight line and exaggerate the strides. Funny enough, my photographer tells me not to walk in a straight line because I always do the opposite of what he says, highlight of all my shoots.


Tip 5: The “seeing” your shoes for the first time Pose

This is just the looking down pose. Personally, I do this pose when I have run out of ideas or not sure what to do, sigh. I don’t think anyone really is paying attention to what is happening to the shoes. It sure works every single time and makes you look effortless (Just make sure you makeup is 100).


Tip 6:  Feet Placement Pose

Most times people ask, what do you do with your legs? If you’re being shot head-on, cross your legs, starting at the calf. This stance will make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer, plus it looks a bit more casual.


Tip 7: The Laugh Pose

I usually love this pose because it showcases my personality. Most of my pictures on Instagram are centered on this pose. If you are lucky and have someone who takes pictures for you, the person can say a joke to make you laugh and end up capturing the moment. So you ask, what about someone who travels alone? I would say, pretend you are having a blast, trust me it works LOL.

Posing like a fashion blogger

 Places to try out these Tips in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Restaurants – The Backyard Lagos, NOK by Alara, Shiro, etc.
  • On the streets of Lagos – Residential Estates (literally anywhere)
  • Art Galleries – Nike Art Gallery, Rele Gallery,etc.
  • Lekki Conservation Centre

I hope you found these tips useful and when you have a chance to try them out, let me know what you think! Tag me so I can rate the pose, I’m just kidding…


By Nomad Supreme

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    Unravelling Nigeria

    LOVE every single outfit in this post.

    The tips were also great and pretty straightforward.

    Will definitely be trying them next time I travel

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      Nomad Supreme

      Yup! I did the laughing hysterically one and my photos turned out so great.

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    Oluwakemi Loriade

    This is a really helpful post – I’m all about tips 1 and 7, but I never really know what to do with my hands and feet so I’ll start using some of the other tips on the list. Thanks ladies! x

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