Nomad of the Week : Adeniyi Adeyemi
Oct 22nd, 2015
Kayaking in the nordic waters

Adeniyi Adeyemi: Inspired by the famous travel quote“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”, our nomad of the week has visited over 30 countries (and counting). This year alone, he ticked 5 countries off his list and is itching to explore more places. Being bi-lingual (Beninese-Nigerian) certainly gives him an advantage when he visits a new country and when he is not seeing the world, he works as an IT project manager and loves to play soccer. Instagram: @lumankara, Twitter: @kneeyie, Snapchat: @rolla_d

When planning a vacation, what determines your destination of choice?

A lot of things actually.I have a priority list I am still ticking off. There are the classic destinations every traveler needs to see which include the Philippines, Thailand, India, Brazil, Greece, Italy, South Africa, to name a few. So, I usually plan around at least one of those every year. However, due to work and some other factors the year runs out and I realize i didn’t visit any of these destinations :(.  Secondly, weddings, reunions, work or special events  just yank you to another part of the world and you are compelled to plan a vacation in those cities/countries.

Paris is always a good idea :)
Paris is always a good idea 🙂

I am all about group travel and this also determines my next holiday spot. My travel companion(s) affect the location as we have to find a place no one has been. I usually plan ahead so I don’t let factors like budget, political situations or misconceptions about a place affect me. Finally, there are continents I have barely been to which I really want to no matter how far away they are. I want to see more of Latin America (only ever been to Brazil) and more of Asia (only been to the middle eastern parts). There is a whole lifetime ahead of us, so I’m confident I will eventually see as much as I have ever dreamt of seeing.

Holocaust memorial - Berlin

What is the one thing you cannot do without when you travel?

Nowadays it’s probably the camera, good power on your phone and/or wifi.  But in reality no one should do without good great company on any trip. It makes all the difference! I have never traveled alone (except for work). I am not a fan of solo travel.

With tourists at the Redentore

Most memorable thing you have done during a holiday.

A couple of experiences stand out. Going to the Swiss alps was sheer bliss as I had many firsts at the alps; hiking a world heritage mountain, swimming in a lake, seeing all 4 seasons in one day, cable car riding across expansive greens, and just seeing the beauty of nature everywhere you went.

Swimming in swiss alps
Swimming in swiss alps

However, I think taking part in the Redentore festival in Venice has to be the most memorable thing I have ever done. It was an unforgettable experience! We’d planned our trip in Italy to coincide with the Redentore while in Venice and I would not forget this one in a hurry. It was a 45 minute festival of lights/fireworks and everything from the buildup 4-5 hours before the event, the festival atmosphere, jam-packed walk ways with happy tourists mixing with locals, the waters filled with boats, yachts and aqua-vehicles of all sizes and levels of sophistication, music, the occasional free food tasting, etc. It was just magnificent.


Every avid traveler has a bucket list. What’s on yours? 

I have more of a sight seeing bucket list than an adventure bucket list. I am more of a sight seeing traveler with a list of specific things to do in each country. Apart from famous landmarks and trip advisor recommendations, I usually plan my trips within the country only after I’ve booked bed and flight. But I also leave enough time to just meander around and often times you discover the little secrets in cities during these unplanned escapades. To that end, my bucket list includes:




Colloseum, Rome
I still have the same pose 🙂



Where is that one place you HAVE to see in your lifetime?

You can never have enough of South East Asia. I want to sweep Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar for 6-8 weeks at a go some time soon! Let’s see how that looks for a honeymoon plan in few years 🙂

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Favorite travel quote

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and I remember more than I have seen” – Benjamin Disraeli

Anything travel tips and tricks you would like to share?

Nigerians need to stop going ONLY to the usual UK, US, Canada, Dubai on shopping trips masqueraded as holidays, seriously. For the meager number of days we get as vacation (if you work in Nigeria), there’s a rather more important need to see the rest of the world, not the same old same old boring stuff. Finally, I’m totally open to meeting new travel buddies and plan crazy trips together. Hit me up. Really 🙂!

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