January 29, 2017


One of my highlights of last year was kicking of a YouTube Channel about…you guessed right, TRAVEL! This channel is with two awesome women, Fola and Amarachi who are just as crazy about travel as I am. I’ve always harbored the thought of having a TV show and when Fola came to me with this idea, I jumped on it. This wasn’t the show I envisaged having but travel is something I love to talk about so why not? We got Amarachi on board and she was enthusiastic.

So here we are, Amarachi, Fola and Mofe, talking about all things travel “through our eyes” (TOE). On the channel, we will be discussing every travel hot topic you can think of. We will also be giving travel tips ans hacks as well. Here are some of the episodes we have published and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button, subscribe and share.

Our very first episode where we decorated a Christmas tree and discussed Christ,as traditions around the world. Did you know that in Venezuela, specifically Caracas, the roads are closed to traffic at 8.00am and people skate to morning mass! How cool is that? You should watch other Christmas traditions we discussed. See link below

Then we spoke about travel shoes and our favorites! We all picked comfort over style. No heels from any of us any time soon. So if you were to travel with just one pair which would be your pair?

And then we spoke about African countries! Are you big on African travels? Why do you think African cities are underrated by Africans or Nigerians specifically?

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We had a full-blown conversation on our Instagram and we will show you some comments from our community.

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Let us know what you think about our channel and the topics so far. We intend to post our videos every Tuesday (in the spirit of #traveltuesday).



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