February 23, 2017


Art galleries really isn’t my thing but the moment my blogger boo Bidemi of bidsingraceland threw open the offer, I couldn’t resist. Here is how our conversation went that fine Thursday afternoon.

Bids: Hey Mofe! We need to do something, we haven’t hung out in a while. 

Mofe: I know right. We should. What do you have in mind? 

Bids: Have you done a tour of Lagos island(old Lagos)? We should totally do that. 

Mofe: I’m really not ready for that isale Eko hustle right now, please anything else but that. We can definitely do that some other time. 

Bids: okay how about going to Nike Art Gallery? I’ve never been. 

Mofe: me neither and it’s 5 mins away from home, shame on me. 

Bids: there are a couple of galleries we can also visit too, so let’s do an art gallery crawl! 

Mofe:  I really have no clue about Art but I’m definitely down for this. 

Bids: Me neither, hahahaha! Let’s do this.

And so our art gallery crawl was born. We penned down 5 galleries to go and began our journey across galleries in Lagos. Here’s how it went

OMENKA GALLERY: Location, 20 Modupe Alakija Crescent, Lagos.

After going in circles like 5 times, we finally found Omenka! We were even more pissed off when we got in and didn’t see any art. The people by the bar just watched us walk into the empty space and walk out of it.We were quite disappointed. However, the people of Omenka sent us a direct message explaining the situation and invited us to their next exhibition. I still insist that there should be someone at the door or hanging around to explain to people why there isn’t any art in an art gallery.


RELE GALLERY: Location, 5 Military Street, Lagos

I am embarrassed to say that we couldn’t find RELE gallery. I was really looking forward to taking the signature photo in front of the gallery but Google maps did us wrong! We kept looking for Military Street and gave up after 30 minutes. I’ll definitely create time to visit because the gallery caters to a younger crowd and the pieces all look pretty solid! I hear you can take photos too! That’s definitely a Win-Win.

Missed this 🙁 . Source: rele.com
SIGNATURE-BEYOND: Location, 107 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

We bumped into this gallery after searching for RELE. I am glad we did. I totally loved this gallery and the manager was gracious enough to explain the idea behind some pieces that sparked our interest. It’s a small gallery with really unique pieces.This sexy woman made of steel (not very sure) was my favourite piece.

Just check her out.

ART 21 LAGOS: Location, Eko Hotel and Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Unfortunately, they didn’t even let us into this gallery but it looked pretty cool from the outside. Lucky us, the Lagos Photo Festival was on (partially) and we were able to see some photos from world-class photographers. We were thoroughly impressed by the display.





NIKE ART GALLERY: Location, No 2. Elegushi Road, 3rd roundabout, Epe Expressway, Lagos.

The mother of all galleries. When I got here I understood why people constantly recommend Nike Art Gallery to lovers of art. There were easily over 3,000 sculptures and paintings made from all sorts of material such as metal, rubber, fibre, tree barks, wood, grass, brass and copper. Looking at some of the pieces you wonder what goes through these artists minds when creating such master pieces. I loved every bit of this gallery except as we got higher, it got HOT! After a while we began to sweat and it got uncomfortable. We met the owner, Nike Okundaye, and she seemed really pleasant.

One of my favourite pieces. This bad boy is made of tyre.
Yummy national cake.



An art gallery crawl is definitely something to consider when in Lagos. Lagos boasts of over 30 art galleries across the city so whatever type of art you are interested in, one of these galleries will definitely have something for you!

If you’ve ever been to an art gallery in Lagos, what are your favourites?

By Nomad Supreme

Welcome to the go-to spot for adventure seeking Nigerians 👣👣👣! 👻: @naijanomads 💌: travel@naijanomads.com


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    Great post. These pieces look amazing. Lots of talented folks here. Of all the galleries mentioned, I’ve only been to Nike Arts (about 4 times now). I can understand why you had never visited before this crawl though. When something is so close to you, you feel like you can always check it out at any time :}

    Anyway, can’t wait to check out the others.

    1. Reply

      Naija Nomads

      Yes so true! I just always say its just right here so I’ll see it later. Yes you should definitely visit signature-beyond. Its a nice cute gallery and the customer service was great too!

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    Wow! Beautiful pieces! So much talent in Naija. The closest I have ever come to seeing Naija art is when I took fine art in secondary school and our books had pictures of terracotta art. That counts too right? Lol
    I can’t wait to visit an art gallery in Lagos. My list of things to do keeps growing. For now I’ll have to make do with living vicariously through your blog. Thank you for sharing!

    P.S: do you know if any of these art galleries have virtual tours?

    1. Reply

      Naija Nomads

      Lol @ fine arts in secondary school. No I dont think they do @ virtual tours. That is a great idea which they should incorporate. If you click on the headings it takes you to their web pages. For a gallery that good Nike Art Gallery’s website is an eye sore. Sad!

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    I’ve been to the Nike Art Gallery in Oshogbo but never been to the one in Lagos. Should check it out one of these days. Nice post!

    1. Reply

      Naija Nomads

      You definitely should Fola. If art is your think, you’ll be in heaven, otherwise, you’ll just be underwhelmed.

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    I tried to contact you through mail for any upcoming trips but your mailbox is full. Please can you get back to my email address below? Thank you.

    1. Reply

      Naija Nomads

      Hi Regina, there is no email address attached to this comment. Our email address is naijanomads@gmail.com. For our up coming trips please search “Nomad Trips 2017” and it will take you to our calendar. Our next trip is to Rwanda in June and if anyone pops up before then we will definitely put up a post on it.

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    Naija Nomads

    You definitely should Fola. If art is your think, you’ll be in heaven, otherwise, you’ll just be underwhelmed.

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