November 2, 2017


A baby moon is something I’ve always longed to do. When I found out I was pregnant with the little nomad, I started researching possible baby moon destinations. I knew I would have her in Canada so I had Barbados on my mind because Visa-Free for Nigerian passport holders! I was too excited and could not wait. Then I got the “news”. My pregnancy was high-risk and I was warned to avoid all strenuous activities. How would I convince my family I planned to go on a baby moon?  I was not allowed to work out or “jumping up and down” (in the Nigerian sense) and at some point I could not even get out of bed. I was only allowed to go to the bathroom and back to bed. My hopes of having a baby moon were dashed and I just resorted to Pinterest and Instagram images of gorgeous women on baby moons. 

I’ve never seen a Nigerian go on a baby moon before and I was so excited to see Sonate’s photo. She was in Sint Marteen with her girls having the time of her life in a bikini! She rocked the heck out of her bump and we asked her to do this post for us. Her response “I’ll love to! Nigerian women are not adventurous enough and I hope my story can encourage them”.  Well here she is, trying to encourage you to take that baby moon because you definitely need it!  Follow this yummy mummy on Instagram: @nutybutnice

From Sonate…

It is my pleasure to contribute in my own little way to empowering the Nigerian traveler, especially our moms and moms-to-be out there. Lord knows we Nigerian women don’t get out enough to do what makes us happy, am I right?

So, what’s this trendy thing called a baby moon? First of all, it really should not be a trend but rather a lifestyle, considering all that parents (especially moms) go through once the baby arrives. A baby moon is essentially a pre-baby honeymoon vs the traditional post wedding honeymoon. It is a time that the mother or both parents take care themselves for various reasons. It could be to bond with each other, to take a break from everyday life or from the older kids.

Do go when you have a burst of energy

When going on a baby moon, first and foremost I considered when the best time would be and the obvious answer was the second trimester. For most of us preggies (granted not all), by the second trimester our bodies have adjusted to our growing human beings and our energy levels and appetite have picked up. My second trimester was the perfect time for me. I was full of energy and ready to take over the world!

Some of us barely experience the usual morning sickness and might opt for traveling in the first trimester. That is equally fine too. However, I’ll advise against that because you’ll find yourself longing for another by your second or third trimester!

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Always check with your doctor!

Also, I knew my pregnancy was low risk, I had no complications and had no medical history to cause concern.Its extremely important that you know your pregnancy i.e high or low risk and get a clear from your doctor that you are fit to fly. No one wants any funny thing happening mid-air all in the name of enjoyment.

Check with your spouse too.

This might sound strange as you should be going on your baby moon with your spouse right? Well, my baby moon was a girls trip, lol. I traveled with a couple of friends. 

My husband was very supportive of this decision but I had to make sure he was comfortable with his precious wife and fetus away from home and from him. My husband knows me very well and knows I can handle myself, he actually encouraged me to take time for myself. If your spouse is not comfortable with you going on a baby moon, there’s really no point going all “the future is female” on him. Let it go, its just a holiday; you can go there some other time.

Distance is important  + chose a location you like.

I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time on a plane. Being that I live in northeast USA, my options were Florida or the Caribbean. My two girlfriends and I agreed on the Caribbean, Sint Maarten to be precise. It’s an island that’s both Dutch on one side and French on the other. Movement between both sides is not restricted in any way, and it is called Saint Martin in French (interestingly, tourist requirements when flying into either side differs, so if you ever decide to go there, do your due diligence!).

I would advise against overly long flights, although a quick trip to a European destination can be managed if planning your baby moon from Nigeria. I also knew I wanted a beach destination.I wanted a place where I could listen to the sound of the waves crashing in so Sint Maarten was perfect. If nature is your thing do opt for locations with loads of greens and mountains. And if you like big cities (which I doubt anyone will want when pregnant), do visit capital cities of countries.

Ensure there’s a hospital close by.

This is a really important point to note. You should go a step further and save all emergency number’s in your destination of choice. I cannot emphasize the importance of this. And oh, do not forget to have your medical records too. 

Stay away from high-energy activities.

Some of the activities I tried out were jet skiing and snorkeling. Parasailing I think is also an option. You can’t zip line nor skydive unfortunately, the harness will be too snug for your belly and the adrenaline rush from sky diving can get your blood pressure up too quickly. Keep in mind that some vendors will flat out refuse to take a pregnant lady. They are just trying to keep you safe, so don’t take it personal. Other off limit activities include using Sauna’s, Scuba Diving and Horseback riding. Whatever activities you intend to engage in, full disclosure is important and do ensure you tell them you are pregnant and how far along you are.

Who says you can’t baby moon locally?

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Yankari Games Reserve, Abraka Turf and Country Club, Smokin Hills Ilara Mokin, IITA, Ibadan and the Beach Resorts all over Lagos are awesome locations to baby moon locally. Local destinations are great choices if you cannot afford an international trip. We all know how expensive babies can get. Anywhere that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, really.

I came back home feeling quite refreshed and ready to face the last phase of my pregnancy, although my work email was bursting at its seams!

In conclusion, and as mentioned earlier, if you can take time out and your doctor clears you, please do it. Being Nigerians who traditionally expect a pregnant woman to hide herself for 9 months (ridiculous in my opinion), there will be naysayers. Go for it, you’ll thank yourself later.

Quick notes: remember to take bug repellent and some sunscreen. Black people do burn, been there, done that!

I hope to see you go on a baby moon and rock the heck out of that baby bump.

I am going on a baby moon for my next pregnancy and I hope I don’t get stopped by yet another high risk pregnancy. This website is a great resource for baby moon ideas, resorts and lodges all over the world. Have you gone on a baby moon? The nomads would love to hear from you! Share those awesome tips with us. Is a baby moon something you’ll consider doing? If no, what are your fears? 



By Nomad Supreme

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    Whoop! This was such an easy and amazing read! I was bookmarking it to read in the morning but I guess I couldn’t stay away. I’m so loving this baby moon idea (the first time I’m hearing of it too, lol). Reading the high risk activities part was so uncomfortable for me though, haha. Horseback riding, skydiving and co while pregnant just made me feel uneasy! Thanks for sharing these great tips with us, Sonate. And yes, you really rocked that bump!
    PS: Nomad Supreme, I am coming for your own baby moon! Please let it be somewhere close by or somewhere we can get visa to!.. X_X

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    Nnenna Fakoya-Smith

    Am def baby mooning for my next pregnancy!!!! But it will be locally…oko mi would not want his precious wife & pikin to be far away…Lol! I think I will try IITA or a Beach Resort. Let’s see how it goes *wink*
    Great write up, Sonate. You sure rocked your preggy bump well! *thumps up*

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    Thanks ladies! Awesome to see that this has encouraged someone to go for it! If you need any tips or have any questions, hit me up on my IG and please tag me in your Babymoon photos! God bless!

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    Mrs Kush

    This was so nice to read. It looks like you had so much fun! I always envy preggos that have lots of energy. I remember when I was pregnant, in my 2nd trimester my hubby and I went on holiday (it wasn’t a babymoon tbh, I only just heard that word lol) and I practically spent all 10 days in bed! I could just not be bothered. On one of the days he was like you simply CANNOT come to Paris and not visit the Eiffel tower. That was the motivation to go out that day. I really wish I could go back in time and take lovely holiday snaps with my baby bump like you.

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