January 29, 2018

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A well-rounded child is vital in today’s world. Children need education outside the walls of the classroom and travel gives them that opportunity. You’ll be amazed at how much children, as young as 2 years of age, absorb while vacationing with family. Just like adults, children who are exposed to traveling at a young age will likely be more liberal minded. They can pick up a foreign language and are better equipped to take on challenging situations. We are all for educating children through travel.

Adeola is the poster child for this cool Instagram account, Naija Kids Travel Too, which celebrates and inspires young Nigerian travelers. Curious to know what goes on in the mind of an 11 year old explorer? Her well articulated responses will give you reason to ensure your child learns through exploring the world.

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Let your child see the world! Reading about it in books/watching on TV will never be enough. . Ade is a naija kid who travels too. 📍: @dswt 🗺: 🇰🇪 📷: @oyesholz . Tag #naijakidstraveltoo to be our next feature. #naijakidstraveltoo #naijakidstravel #travellingnaijakids #blackkidstravel #nomadicnaijakids #nigeriankidstravel #nigeriankidstraveltoo #travellingnigeriankids #nigerianchildrentravel #travellingandlearning #traveliseducation #travelisfun #blackkidswhotravel #nigeriankidswhotravel #naijakidswhotravel #travellingkids #travellingkidsofinstagram #nairobi #kenya #eastafrica #dswt #davidsheldrickwildlifetrust #elephantorphanage #babyelephants #orphanedelephants #blackkidstraveltoo #bkdt #blackkidsdotravel

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We are huge fans and we follow your jaunts around the world. Tell the Nomad community about yourself.

My name is Adeola Oni. I am 11 years old. I am currently in Year 6. My hobbies are singing, dancing, and acting. In my spare time, I read novels, study and watch some TV.

When did you start traveling and what’s your earliest travel memory?

I started traveling when I was 1yr 9mths old. However my earliest travel memory was from my second trip when I was 5yrs old. We went to the UK and then Paris. I remember how fun Paris was. We went to Disneyland. I didn’t want to leave. Also I remember Eiffel tower.

What excites about traveling?

The thought of seeing new places, tasting new foods, generally experiencing a new culture and learning something new.

Favorite place you’ve visited so far?

Can I really decide? Even though I love the parts of Europe I have seen, Kenya and Ghana left lasting impressions on me. The safari at Nairobi National Park, The elephant orphanage and the giraffe center. I loved Kenya. Ghana was good too. We spent 2 weeks but I loved the time at Elmina best. Kakum canopy walk was a thrill and the slave castle was very sad but I’m glad I went. I learnt a lot there.

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Do you have a list of places you want to see or things you want to do in your lifetime? Please share them with us!

Yes I do! I would love to go to Dubai, Egypt, Orlando Florida, Los Angeles and Tokyo. When I’m old enough, I would love to do sky diving and bungee jumping. Also looking forward to when I kiss a dolphin.

We are curious to understand what’s on the mind of an 11 year old explorer. When you visit a new destination, what do you expect from your trip?

The first thing I expect when I go to a new destination is FUN!!! I always look forward to having fun. Going to the wildlife parks, theme parks, generally being in a new world where I can scream, laugh and shout. I really like thrill rides and I had the chance to get on a lot of that when I went to America. I loved it at Luna Park, Coney Island and Six Flags.


The second part is learning new things. On all our trips, my mum plans something educational for me. I have learnt how glass was made at the Corning Museum of Glass, learnt how drinks are made at the Guinness storehouse in Dublin and learnt some history about the Vikings in Ireland. Learnt about the slave trade in Ghana, learnt the history of clogs shoes and how cheese is made in Amsterdam, even how different daredevils have tried to conquer the Niagara Falls. Basically no trip is complete without the fun and educational parts.


What’s the scariest adventure you’ve ever done?

Maybe because I was much younger, Pinocchio’s land in Disneyland Paris was scary. It was so dark with different things popping out unexpectedly. I was terrified. LOL. Also we took a speed boat tour on the River Niagara in 2015. The captain was doing all sorts of stunts and it was really scary with the boat jumping up and doing sharp turns. I also touched a live crocodile very briefly in Ghana. That was scary too.

Tell us one country you’ll love to visit and why?

Egypt. I have read about Egypt in the bible and have seen beautiful pictures. I would love to see it for myself.

Five things you’ll take with on a flight.

My journal (I’m always writing notes), a book I can read, my iPad/Nintendo, my lip balm and my travel pillow.

Was traveling a personal choice or influenced by your parents?

Early on it was definitely influenced by my parents specifically my mum. Now I have caught the travel bug and always want to travel with the support of my parents of course.

Some parents believe children don’t remember anything from their travels and traveling with kids is a “waste of money”. Please share benefits of gathering experiences at such a young age.

Money spent traveling with your child is never a waste. Even though I don’t remember my very first trip, we look at the pictures and laugh over it. I was chasing the pigeons at Trafalgar square. Traveling as a child makes you very confident. There are things I have learnt on trips and tours that boosted what I had been taught in school. Also it makes a child well rounded. The world is huge, it would be great to leave your small bubble and see other parts of it. It’s a huge learning opportunity.


My mum makes me google about places we plan to go to and that way I learn and expand my general knowledge. I see how other countries work and everything is orderly and it makes me strive to do better for myself, read my books and give myself a better future. Also you become a global citizen of the world, a bit of everything in you creates a good balance.

What’s your advice for young nomads like you who want to see the world but don’t have adventurous parents?

That’s a hard one. I would say they should start local. Are they going to their grandparents for a holiday? They can ask their parents what fun thing is in that area for them to do as a family.


For those like me that have some access to the internet, you can read up fun facts about different places and tell your parents. That way you gradually put the interest in them. Also I pray for God to bless my parents to be able to afford the trips and I think they should do that too.

Awesome responses from an 11 year old. Like she said, its never too early to start exploring the world with your kids. Even when they don’t remember anything, they’ll look back at the photos and fun memories and will forever be grateful for the opportunity you’ve given them. Family holiday’s don’t always require catching flights. A road trip to a neighboring state/city where they can experience something different is just as impactful. 


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